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LAS VEGAS // November 21-24 2019

ST. LOUIS // August 1-3 2019


contenders / Las Vegas  MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5 (1/8 mile) Presented by TurboSmart

DRIVER: Pete Battaglia

TEAM NAME: Angry Bird Racing

HOMETOWN: Ramona, California

CAR: 1968 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 540 Pro Charged

BEST ET & MPH: Still working on it

SPONSORS: My wife Becky, my bank account

& Design Craft Fabrication out of Westminster California

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My wife Becky for her 100% support. Tyrone Adams, Louise Adams, Tyler Gorman, Gary Castillo & Los Vasquez Carlos for all there help and support.

DRIVER: Lou "Screwy Louie" Katsaros

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Screwy Louie Racing

HOMETOWN: Albuquerque, New Mexico

CAR: 1955 Chevy

ENGINE COMBO: 588ci Big Block Chevy / 136 ProCharger

BEST ET & MPH: New Combo

SPONSORS: Monte Carlo Steakhouse


DRIVER: John Cuglietta

TEAM NAME: Cuglietta Racing

HOMETOWN: Edmonton Alberta Canada

CAR: 1998 Sonoma Jerry Haas X Pro Stock Truck

ENGINE COMBO: 534ci BBC ProCharged F3 1## Injected Methanol

BEST ET & MPH: Let's leave that a surprise!

SPONSORS: DIG DUG Inc, Specialty Truck Products, Horsepower Solutions & Ams Engines

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My Bro who is my crew and I couldn't do it without him, Neil Richards with HPS who helps with the tuning and more...also all of Team North! You know who you are and my wife who supports my passion

DRIVER: Brandon McBride

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5


HOMETOWN: Lakewood, Colorado

CAR: 2005 Corvette

ENGINE COMBO: 528ci Hemi / Twin Turbo

BEST ET & MPH: New Combo

SPONSORS: Black Top Hobbies, Hair By Julia, Paint By Krusty, BMF Tools & CM Tools

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Mike Glickman for building such a RAD car!!

DRIVER: John Dickinson

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Dickinson Racing

HOMETOWN: Bonney Lake, Washington

CAR: 1956 Chevy

ENGINE COMBO: 427ci LS / Twin Turbo

SPONSORS: Dickinson Dump Trucking, The EFI Store & Cody Inc.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My wife Jamie for letting me spend the kids college fund to build my dream car. Bob Cody for the hard work, my crew chef Sean Butler for the late night thrash sessions, my kids understanding and help and a big shout out to all my friends and family for your support

DRIVER: Troy Cafaro

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Cafaro Racing

HOMETOWN: Las Vegas, Nevada

CAR: 1963 Corvette

ENGINE COMBO: 400ci SBC / Twin Turbo

BEST ET & MPH: 4.19 / 179

SPONSORS: McKeon Door, Insane Power and Tom Sweat

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My wife and crew

DRIVER: Kelly Harvey

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Superstitious Racing

HOMETOWN: Fort Collins, Colorado

CAR: 1967 Chevy Nova

ENGINE COMBO: 521 BAE / Roots Blower

BEST ET & MPH: 4.32 / 174

SPONSORS: Crossroads Towing, Custom Design Paint & Body and Hockaday Translatio

DRIVER: Nick Duda

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Utility Turkey Racing

HOMETOWN: Langley B.C. Canada

CAR: 1963 Corvette built by Tommy Mauney

ENGINE COMBO: 393ci 23 degree SBC, 118mm Precision Turbo on Methanol.

BEST ET & MPH: 4.17 / 173.71

SPONSORS: My Dad, Performance World, DEI, Vibrant, TCI, Vinnies Speed Shop & Paints Beyond Auto Body.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My Dad, my brother James Duda, Justin Munro, Marcus Bell, Justin Gallant, Brian Moore, Gil Hildebrand, Ryan Hausmann, Jamie Roth, Rob Guazzaroni, Ron Galbreath, Glen Biddle, Marc Brenzinger, Kevin Winstead, David Page, Willie Peterson and the entire WCG Team, Tony Hutchison and the TOG Mafia, Hardcore 365 and all our friends and fellow racers, as well as the folks who organize events and give us a place to come out and race!!

PHOTO BY: Tony Hutchison

DRIVER: Kirk Lee

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

HOMETOWN: Richfield, Washington

CAR: 1969 Camaro


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Centimark Roofing

DRIVER: Frank Acosta

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Heisenberg Racing

HOMETOWN: Portland, Oregon

CAR: 1999 Monte Carlo

ENGINE COMBO: 615ci BBC / 3 stages Nitrous

BEST ET & MPH: New Combo

SPONSORS: Flying Pie Pizza

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Guy Mitchel, Eddie Miller, Lue Hugh’s, Ana Acosta, John Maul, Terry Rouse and all my race friends and family for supporting me

DRIVER: Rick Schmidt

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Rare Breed Racing

HOMETOWN: Dickinson, North Dakota

CAR: 2011 Ford Mustang

ENGINE COMBO: Noonan 520ci / Blown


SPONSORS: Schmidt Transmission & Schmidt Rentals

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My crew for the hard work!

DRIVER: Eddy Whipple

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Whipple Motorsports Speed & Custom

HOMETOWN: Spokane, Washington

CAR: 1969 Shelby Mustang


SPONSORS: Whipple Motorsports Speed & Custom, The EFI Store, PPG Paint Products & Race Wife Graphics

DRIVER: Boyd Olar

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Team 801

HOMETOWN: West Haven, Utah

CAR: 1963 Split Window Corvette

ENGINE COMBO: 540ci / Supercharger

BEST ET & MPH: 7.94 / 172

SPONSORS: Valley Fire Protection

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Kari Olar (Super Wife) & Rod Shultz (Shrink)

DRIVER: Paul Langlie

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Oaktown Hustler Racing

HOMETOWN: Oakland, California

CAR: 1970 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 489 Veney Hemi / Roots blower


SPONSORS: Broadway Automotive & Transmission, Jim Berg's Precision Chassis, Big Head Motorsports, DMC Components & AUTOMAN

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Kirk Olson, Jim Dunford, Gary Mole, Jim Berg, Jim Berg Jr. & Alex Gutierrez

DRIVER: Kevin Guthrie

TEAM NAME: Guthrie Racing

HOMETOWN: Parker, Colorado


ENGINE COMBO: ProCharged 540ci BBC

BEST ET & MPH: I'm not telling

SPONSORS: Schadle Racing Engines, ProCharger & Jeffco Transmissions

SPECIAL THANKS TO: The best crew chief and wife a guy could ever have! "This is all your fault dad"


DRIVER: Dave Walters

TEAM NAME: Team Dumb Racing

HOMETOWN: Brighton, Colorado

CAR: 1968 Camaro


BEST ET & MPH: 4.12 / 182

SPONSORS: Walters Mechanical

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My Beautiful Wife & Family, Jared Maupin, Mike Strewler, Kirk Kuhns & Joe Nies

DRIVER: Justin Brenneman

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Blitzkrieg

HOMETOWN: Scio, Oregon

CAR: 1964 Dodge

ENGINE COMBO: 526ci Veney Hemi / Roots Blower

BEST ET & MPH: Just here to learn

SPONSORS: Deluxe Brewery, Taylor Motorsports, Wilhelms, Simply Toe's and The Canine Caboose Inc.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jeff, Adam, Jessi, Ryan, Kid Bill, Brennon, Taylor Motorsports, B & B Speedshop, The Canine Caboose & NOT Greg Gandee!


DRIVER: Mike Labbate

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Labbate Racing

HOMETOWN: Albuquerque, New Mexico

CAR: 1968 Pontiac Firebird

ENGINE COMBO: 526 BAE / Twin Turbo

BEST ET & MPH: New combination

SPONSORS: Homes by Labbate, MAC Hydraulic, New Castle Mortgage, Cabinet Concepts, The Dyno Edge & BAC Enterprises

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Becky, Amy, Lauren, Ryan, Theresa, Kim, Nicole, Randy D., Debbie, Clint, Bob, Butch, Jerry, Roddy, The Dyno Edge, Doug, Eric, Randy R., Alan, Neil & Lyle

DRIVER: Steve Nicholson

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5 (Defending Champion)


HOMETOWN: Aldergrove BC Canada

CAR: 1963 Stingray

ENGINE COMBO: Sonny's 959

BEST ET & MPH: 3.943 / 183

SPONSORS: Diversified Metalworks, Sonny's Racing Engines, Pro Torque, Hutch Transmissions, Super Steve's Tire, Mhl Transport and Road Rider Transport

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Huge Thanks To Rob@Diversified Metalworks cant do this without ya !! also like to thank Todd and Sonny @Sonny's Racing Engines for building us a bad ass piece, My crew Pat Stewart and my Son Cole Nicholson. Thank you for all you guys do to make my passion a reality!!

DRIVER: Neil Stahl

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Stahl Family Racing

HOMETOWN: Glasgow Ontario Canada

CAR: 1992 Chevy Lumina

ENGINE COMBO: Conventional Headed 582ci BBC

BEST ET & MPH: First time on 10.5's

SPONSORS: Stahl seed cleaning

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My wife and kids. Everyone at Phillips County Motor Sports who helped us out