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LAS VEGAS // November 16-19 2017

ST. LOUIS // August 1-4 2018


contenders / Las Vegas MAGNA FUEL XDR / TT5 presented by turbosmart

DRIVER: Brian Manske

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR / TT-5

TEAM NAME: Easy Money Racing

HOMETOWN: Queen Creek, Arizona

CAR: 1998 WS6 Trans Am

ENGINE COMBO: 427ci LSX / 106mm Pro Mod Turbo

BEST ET & MPH: 4.82 / 157

SPONSORS: Haltech Engine Management Systems, Mike's Transmissions & ProTorque Converters

DRIVER: Lamar Swindoll Jr.

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR / TT-5

TEAM NAME: Goldust Racing

HOMETOWN: Beach City, Texas

CAR: 1971 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 572ci ProCharged BBC

BEST ET & MPH: TBD / Brand New Build

SPONSORS: Mom & Dad, Swindoll Industrial Service, SDPC The Raceshop & Rick Stevens Racecars

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My wife Shannon, Mom and Dad, Alan at The Raceshop, Dan Saitz at Hyperperformance, M&M Transmission, Joe Oplawski at Hyperaktive, Justin at Curry Excavation & Kevin at Unlimited Products (Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber)

DRIVER: Randy Nguyen

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR

TEAM NAME: Team Streetdriven

HOMETOWN: Rocklin, California

CAR: 1969 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 555ci BBC Vortech Supercharged


SPONSORS: Vortech Superchargers

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Chris Alston Jr., Fast Freddy, Bryian Hill, Travis Hetrick, Lance Clontz, Rob Barrios, James Ellis...and, of course, my wife and family (aka. Team Streetdriven)

DRIVER: Dee Pfnister

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR

TEAM NAME: Dznutz Racing

HOMETOWN: Peoria, Arizona

CAR: 1969 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: Big Block ProCharged

BEST ET & MPH: Brand New Combo

SPONSORS: Holley/EFI, TRZ Motorsports, Speedwire Systems, Total Seal Piston Rings, SCE Gaskets, The EFI Store, Mike's Transmission, Pro Torque Converters & TKM Performance

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Kevin at TKM for the new Bullet, Joe at Pro Torque for being part of the team, Mikes Transmission for the killer Trans... Also a big thanks to my Crew Jason and Warren for making it all possible with my recent health issues..  All of you are great!

PHOTO BY: KoolKid Photography

DRIVER: Gil Hildebrand

CLASS: MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5

TEAM NAME: Hildecorp Racing

HOMETOWN: Albany, Oregon

CAR: 1972 Nova

ENGINE COMBO: Twin Turbo 565ci BBC

BEST ET & MPH: New Combo

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Ryan Hausmann and Nick Duda

DRIVER: Bret Bowers

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR

CAR OWNER: Jason Gonzalez

TEAM NAME: Atlas Performance

HOMETOWN: Loveland, Colorado

CAR: 1970.5 Camaro


SPONSORS: Atlas Performance

SPECIAL THANKS TO: LSF Racing, Jay McLean, Krusty Ramsey & Matt Paris

DRIVER: Victor Brum

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR

TEAM NAME: Brum Racing

HOMETOWN: Peoria, Arizona

CAR: 1991 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: NA Big Block Chevy

BEST ET & MPH: Slow for the class, but we will do our best

SPONSORS: Me and my wife LeAnn

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Steve Dillmore & Denny Weidmann

DRIVER: Adam Anderson

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR

HOMETOWN: Idaho Falls, Idaho

CAR: 1981 Chevy LUV

ENGINE COMBO: 360ci SBC / Single Turbo Stock Block

BEST ET & MPH: 5.0 / 138


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Melissa Steinman, Buzz Nielsen & Eckman Automotive Machine

DRIVER: William Clark

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR

HOMETOWN: Cheyenne, Wyoming

CAR: 1982 Olds Cutlass

ENGINE COMBO: 509ci BBC ProCharged

DRIVER: Josh Edwards

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR

TEAM NAME: Seabiscuit Racing

HOMETOWN: Phoenix, Arizona

CAR: 1973 Chevy Camaro


BEST ET & MPH: 4.56 / 167

SPONSORS: Hector Lopez, RWR/Southwest Machine, CSU, FTR & Hughes Performance

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Myron Edwards, Willie Wray from Auto & Truck Specialist and Evan Davey

PHOTO BY: KrooKid Photography

DRIVER: Johnny Coleman

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR

TEAM NAME: Coleman Racing

HOMETOWN: Stanton, California

CAR: 1969 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 522ci BBC Supercharged

BEST ET & MPH: Hopefully enough to win

SPONSORS: Lucas Oil, ProCharger & QMP Racing Engines

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Calvert Racing Suspension & Mike’s Transmissions


DRIVER: John Voss

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR

TEAM NAME: Voss Racing

HOMETOWN: Sugar City, Idaho

CAR: 1999 Mustang

ENGINE COMBO: 388 LSX / Twin 75mm Turbos

BEST ET & MPH: 4.90 / 145

SPONSORS: Voss Racing, Troys Engine, Eagle Rock Fabrication &
Rocky Mountain Performance

DRIVER: James Strang

CLASS: MagnaFuel XDR

TEAM NAME: Strang Racing

HOMETOWN: Phoenix, Arizona

CAR: 2002 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 417ci LS Turbo

BEST ET & MPH: No Time

PHOTO BY: Jim Kelso