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LAS VEGAS // November 16-19 2017

ST. LOUIS // August 2-4 2018


contenders / Las Vegas VORTECH outlaw 8.5 Presented by MMR

DRIVER: Walter Poyner

TEAM NAME: Twisted Racing

HOMETOWN: Castle Rock, Washington

CAR: 1993 Mustang

ENGINE COMBO: 376ci / Supercharged


SPONSORS: Somers Racing Engines

DRIVER: Alan Casey

TEAM NAME: BiesQuick Racing

HOMETOWN: Las Vegas, Nevada

CAR: 1993 Mustang


BEST ET & MPH: 5.80 / 131

SPONSORS: BiesQuick Racing, Blazvignater Custom Design & Fab., Ayers Performance, Door King, BigWorm Racing, Sharper Image Rod & Custom in Kingman, AZ & S&M Motorsports.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: To my lovely wife for the love and patience of the sport. To my AZ Boyz Chris, Brian & Brent, & to my teammates Scott, Derek, Robert, & Roger for the all the dedication and support to myself and to the car. Couldn't do any of this with out you guys.

DRIVER: Sherry Castagno

CLASS: Vortech Superchargers Outlaw 8.5

TEAM NAME: Castagno Racing

HOMETOWN: Ethel, Washington

CAR: 1968 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 604ci BBC / Single Stage Nitrous

BEST ET & MPH: 5.05 / 141mph

SPONSORS: Key Trucking, Lower Columbia Occupational Health &

Britco Racing Engines

SPECIAL THANKS TO: The BEST Husband and Crew Chief Craig Castagno. My #1 Beer Chief / Tuner Shane Workman. My right hand man and Beer Assistant Kenner Stedham. The Track Whisperer Jack Stutler and his amazing wife my BFF Shawna Stutler and our beautiful daughters who are always there when we need them Sierra Rohr and Paige Castagno. Last but NOT least Grant Wick my engine builder!! Without them none of this is possible!!

DRIVER: Derek Cooper

CLASS: Vortech Superchargers Outlaw 8.5

TEAM NAME: Team Homewrecker Racing

HOMETOWN: Littleton, Colorado

CAR: 1989 Ford Mustang

ENGINE COMBO: 8.2" SBF / ProCharged

BEST ET & MPH: 4.862 / 153.55 in Denver

SPONSORS: P & Performance, Bachman Auto, MagnaFuel, J.B.A. Tools, On Track Performance, Pettis Performance, ProCharger & Martinez Bros. Racing

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Gayle Cooper, Scott Patten, Jason Pettis, Jeff Godwin, Mike Aldrich, Charlie Bachman, Cliff Penick, Darren Brinkman, Donovan Martinez, Darren Martinez, Adam "The Flashlight Guy" Lucas, Thea Zancanella, Alessandro Meloni, Luigi Meloni, Tony Stark, Lee Stark, Sean "Mustang" Miller, Mike Miller & Mel Roth

DRIVER: Alex Gutierrez

CLASS: Vortech Superchargers Outlaw 8.5

TEAM NAME: Team Big Head

HOMETOWN: Orangevale, California

CAR: 1969 Nova

ENGINE COMBO: Turbocharged Toyota 2JZ

BEST ET & MPH: 4.91 / 150 (in the heat)

SPONSORS: Chris Alston Chassisworks, Horsepower by Gerolamy, ATO Transmission, TeeGarden Motorsports, Powered Coat it, TRZ Motorsports, Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Precision Turbo, Injector Dynamics, Switzer Dynamics, PTC Converters, River City Differentials, Strange Engineering and Detroit Speed & Engineering.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: I'd like to thank God for the opportunity to be part of something special, my wife, Jimmy Berg, Jim Berg, Mike Weddle, Chris Alston Jr (not bad for an Anchor Baby), Nathan Geralomy, C. Ray Jenkins, my customers (you guys help make this possible), Manny & Nancy Faria, and all our soldiers that preserve our freedom (you guys make me one proud American)

DRIVER: Heather Lenore

CLASS: Vortech Superchargers Outlaw 8.5

TEAM NAME: 5-Door Lenore Racing

HOMETOWN: Huntington Beach, California

CAR: 1978 Malibu Wagon

ENGINE COMBO: 565ci BBC - Single Fogger

BEST ET & MPH: 5.06 / 142 at 3,500 lbs

SPONSORS: Bob, Freddy's Fabworks

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Bob, Mike Hayden, Gunshow and my Family

DRIVER: Wally Friedlander

CLASS: Vortech Superchargers Outlaw 8.5

TEAM NAME: Team Friedlander Racing

HOMETOWN: Lacey, Washington

CAR: 1987 Ford Mustang

ENGINE COMBO: 582ci BBC on Nitrous

BEST ET & MPH: 4.95 / 145 mph

SPONSORS: Slick Rick Racing Heads

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My wife, Momi, for writing the checks and making sure the crew gets fed. My crew chiefs, Derek "Cornbread" Losey and my son Shawn for the tune ups. And last but not least my worker-bees, Aundrey "Action" Jackson, Gordy and Christy Skadan.