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LAS VEGAS // Nov 21-24, 2019

ST. LOUIS // August 1-3 2019


contenders / Las Vegas VORTECH outlaw 8.5 Presented by MMR

DRIVER: Mike Aldrich

TEAM NAME: Homewrecker Racing / Aldrich Family Racing

HOMETOWN: Littleton, Colorado

CAR: 1989 Ford Mustang

ENGINE COMBO: 8.2 Deck Ford Blow-thru Turbo

BEST ET & MPH: 5.38 / 132

SPONSORS: Jeff Godwin Mac Tools, OnTrack Performance & Homewrecker Racing

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My family, Derek Cooper, Jeff Godwin, and the whole Homewrecker Team! Thanks guys! And everyone who’s helped me along the way!

DRIVER: Billy Hespeler

CLASS: Vortech Superchargers Outlaw 8.5

HOMETOWN: Plymouth, California

CAR: 1966 Chevelle

ENGINE COMBO: 598ci BBC / Nitrous

BEST ET & MPH: 4.91 / 150

SPONSORS: Chris Alston's Chassisworks, Hill Brothers Locksmith, CSM Racing Engines, BigHead Motorsports & Wizard Racing

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Chris, Steph and Steve, BigHead Alex, The Wolf, Gary, Freddy, Chase, Christina, Mom and Dad

IMAGE BY: Paul Fercho

DRIVER: Derek Cooper

CLASS: Vortech Outlaw 8.5

TEAM NAME: Team Homewrecker Racing

HOMETOWN: Littleton, Colorado

CAR: 1989 Ford Mustang

ENGINE COMBO: 8.2" SBF ProCharged

BEST ET & MPH: 4.706 @ 160.57 at Bandimere

SPONSORS: P&Performance, Bachman Auto, On Track Performance, Pettis Performance, MagnaFuel & ProCharger

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Gayle Cooper, Scott Patten, Mike Aldrich, Charlie Bachman, Cliff Penick, Jeff Godwin, Donovan Martinez, Darren Martinez, Adam "The Flashlight Guy" Lucas, Alessandro Meloni, Thea Zancanella, Tony Stark, Lee Stark, Jason Pettis, Robbie Ward, Mike Miller, Sean "Mustang" Miller & everyone that has helped me and will continue to help as we move into the Future!