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contenders / Las Vegas Precision Turbo Pro Modified Presented by Pro Line Racing 2016 Contenders

DRIVER: Rick Snavely

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Turbos Direct / Bothwell Motorsports

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California

CAR: 1969 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: MBR 526 / Twin Turbo

BEST ET & MPH: 5.78 / 258

SPONSORS: Turbos Direct, Turbo Smart, Turbo By Garrett & Hyperaktive Performance Solutions

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Scott and Terri Rakestraw for making this possible. All the friends that work endless hours to prepare and maintain the car. Bothwell Motorsports for pulling us all together and Our families for supporting us.

DRIVER: Paul Glandon

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Unique Racing Team

HOMETOWN: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

CAR: 1969 Camaro / R&H Race Cars Built

ENGINE COMBO: 526 ProLine Twin 88s

BEST ET & MPH: 5.90 / 250

SPONSORS: Unique Concrete Services LTD

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Unique Concrete Services LTD

DRIVER: Yvonne Lucas

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Yvonne Lucas Racing

HOMETOWN: Maple Valley, Washington

CAR: 1968 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 848ci Buck / Nitrous

BEST ET & MPH: 6.06 / 234

SPONSORS: Speedwire Systems, Scribner Welding, Buck Racing Engines, Davis Technologies & Lithium Pros

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Our Crew: Mike Lucas, Mike Stevenson, Ken's Specialty Automotive, M&M Transmissions, Kinetic Engineering, MVM and a big thanks to all the great fans of our sport!

DRIVER: Tom McGilton

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified


HOMETOWN: Parkville, Missouri

CAR: 2013 ZL1 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 526ci BBC Twin Turbo

BEST ET & MPH: 7.19 / 199

SPONSORS: Aeromotive & MechMan Alternator

DRIVER: Daniel McKune

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: McKune Racing

HOMETOWN: Lakewood, Colorado

CAR: G-force 68' Firebird

ENGINE COMBO: Brad Anderson / Blown

BEST ET & MPH: New Car

SPONSORS: Rocky Mountain Excavating, Hill Petroleum, KLM, Striped By Louie and Victory Illustration

DRIVER: Melanie Salemi

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Melanie Salemi Motorsports

HOMETOWN: Buffalo, New York

CAR: G-Force Build 1968 Firebird

CAR NAME: Purple Reign

ENGINE COMBO: MSR (Mike Stawicki Racing) 521 Hemi

BEST ET & MPH: 5.86 @ 242 / 3.76 @198

SPONSORS: Big Sky Motorsports, AL-LEE Installations, Quick Drive, Delta Faucet, MSR Performance, G-Force Race Cars, Resolution Racing Services, Ross Racing Pistons, Motorsports Unlimited, Santos Motorsports, TT Motorsports, Flatout Gaskets, Hoosier Racing Tires & NGK Sparkplugs

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jon, Jim, Mike, Dad & Mom.

DRIVER: Garrett Richards

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Total Performance Racing

HOMETOWN: Tacoma, Washington

CAR: 2012 Shelby 1000

ENGINE COMBO: 522 WAR/TPR Ford Boss Hemi

BEST ET & MPH: 5.89 / 247 in legal 92% trim

SPONSORS: GMS MetalWorks, Thermal Northwest, IRC Pushrods, Walt Austin Racing & RCD Engineering

SPECIAL THANKS TO: The entire crew for winning 2016 WDRL Pro Mod Championship

DRIVER: Ed Thornton

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

HOME TOWN: Chino Hills, California

CAR: 1970.5 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: Big Block / Twin Turbo

CAR OWNER: Derrol Hubbard


CREW CHIEF: Doug Stewart

BEST ET & MPH: 5.96 / 251

SPONSORS: TurboSmart, Lucas Oil & Accufab

DRIVER: Frankie Taylor

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Firebaugh Express Evil Outlaw

HOMETOWN: Dickinson, Texas

CAR: 1970.5 Camaro by Dan Page Race Cars


BEST ET & MPH: 5.85 / 246

SPONSORS: JB Motorsports,Taylor Racing, Kitty McGrath & LJRC

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