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LAS VEGAS // November 16-19 2017

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contenders / Las Vegas Precision Turbo Pro Modified Presented by Pro Line Racing

DRIVER: Derek Menholt

TEAM NAME: Menholt Motorsports

HOMETOWN: Billings, Montana

CAR: 1968 Tim McAmis Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 521ci PLR / Twin Turbo

BEST ET & MPH: 5.97 @ 245

IMAGE BY: Breakout Photography

DRIVER: Ed Thornton

TEAM NAME: D bar D Racing

HOMETOWN: Chino Hills, California

CAR: 1970.5 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: Twin Turbo BAE 482" Hemi

BEST ET & MPH: 5.79 / 263

SPONSORS: D bar D Racing, Lenco Racing Transmissions, Lucas Oil Products, Accufab Racing, Quick Drive Racing, Tuned By Shane T & SU Sand Cars

  Doug Stewart, Tom Esbri, Leith Tecklenburg & Bob Wooten

DRIVER: Paul Glandon

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Unique Racing team

HOMETOWN: Edmonton Alberta Canada

CAR: 1969 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 526ci Twin 88mm / Pro Line Racing

BEST ET & MPH: 5.90 / 251

SPONSORS: Unique Concrete Services Ltd.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My Wife Georgina and my Sons, Paul Jr and Justin for always being there, Darwin Cromarty for always being my right hand man and Unique Concrete Services Ltd for all the Sponsorship!

DRIVER: Yvonne Lucas

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Yvonne Lucas Racing

HOMETOWN: Maple Valley, Washington

CAR: 1968 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 848ci Buck w/Nitrous

BEST ET & MPH: 6.05 / 234.78

SPONSORS: Redline Race Cars, Speedwire Systems, Lithium Pros Batteries, Scribner Welding, Buck Engines, Aurora Bearings & Wallace Racing Products

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Mike Lucas, Mike Stevenson, Charlie Buck, Ken Sihota & Bill Scribner

IMAGE BY: Paul Grant

DRIVER: Cole Dow

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Mallicoat Bros Racing

HOMETOWN: Prescott, Arizonaz

CAR: 1968 Plymouth Barracuda

ENGINE COMBO: BAE 520ci Hemi / Twin Turbo by Duttweiler Performance

BEST ET & MPH: 6.07 / 248

SPONSORS: AEM, Arias Pistons, BAE, Crane Cams, DJ Safety, McCabe Racing, On Guard Oil, Turbo Smart & XRP

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Dailey Engineering, Performance Bearings, Pro Torque Converters, Rossler Transmissions, Shane Tech, Team Boddie Racing & Turbos Direct.

DRIVER: Garrett Richards

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Total Performance Racing

HOMETOWN: Tacoma, Washington

CAR: 2012 Shelby 1000 Mustang

ENGINE COMBO: 523ci Ford Hemi / Blown

BEST ET & MPH: 5.84 / 248

SPONSORS: GMS Metal Works, Walt Austin Racing, Thermal Northwest Inc. and IRC Performance Pushrods

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Family and Friends for their support and the team for all their hard work.

DRIVER: Rick Wilson

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

HOMETOWN: Independence, Missouri

CAR: 1969 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 872ci Reher Morrison

BEST ET & MPH: 5.98 / 233

SPONSORS: Straight Line Motorsports & wilpav Inc.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Blake Housely, Bill Woody, Doug Woody And My Wife Ellen Wilson

DRIVER: Rick Snavely

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Turbos Direct / Bothwell Motorsports

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California

CAR: 1969 Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: 526ci MBR Twin Garrett 88mmTurbos

BEST ET & MPH: 5.78 / 259

SPONSORS: Turbos Direct, Turbo Smart & Turbo By Garrett

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Scott and Terri Rakestraw of Turbos Direct, Bothwell Motorsports and all of our friends and family that help make this happen.

DRIVER: Clint “The Milkman” Hairston

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: Hairston Motorsports and Racing

HOMETOWN: Wynnewood, Oklahoma

CAR: 2017 RJ Racecars Chevy Camaro

ENGINE COMBO: Elite Performance 521ci Twin Turbo BBC

BEST ET & MPH: New Car

SPONSORS: Elite Motorsports LLC, Elite Performance, Pertronix Performance Products, Lucas Oil Products, RJ Race Cars/Quartermax, RacePak Datasystems, Precision Racing Suspension, MoTeC Tuned by Shane T., Strange Engineering, Precision Turbo, Weld Wheels, M&M Transmissions, CFE and Moroso.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Elite Performance: Nick Ferri, Casey Gardner, Kendall Long, Kyle Bates, Brian “Lump” Self, Robert Freeman, Chase B. Freeman, and Austin aka “Spicolli” Rick and Rickie Jones and all their guys at RJ Racecars, Mark “You got’em buddy”Ingersoll, Adam Lambert, Mark Micke

THE CREW: Jake Hairston (crew chief), Kyle Bates (co-crew Chief, engine and parachute specialist), Tracy Holmes (data acquisition

specialist), Austin aka Spicolli (logistics specialist), “Papa” Jim Hairston (team owner/manager)

VERY SPECIAL THANKS: Richard Freeman and Royce Lee Freeman (owners of Elite Motorsports LLC.) for the use of a beautiful Toterhome and Trailer. And of course Erica Enders-Stevens for shaking the car down.

DRIVER: Carl Stevens Jr.

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

TEAM NAME: JB's Power Center

HOMETOWN: Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

CAR: 1969 Camaro


BEST ET & MPH: 5.72 / 260

SPONSORS: JB's Power Center & XtremeRacingEngines

DRIVER: Dal Sangha

CLASS: Precision Turbo Pro Modified

HOMETOWN: Surrey BC Canada

CAR: 2010 Ford Mustang

ENGINE COMBO: 520ci Hemi / Twin Turbo

BEST ET & MPH: New Combo

SPONSORS: Haltech, Lucas Oil Products, Diversified Metal Works Race Cars, Turbosmart, Smith Brothers Pushrods, Alamo Turbochargers, High Performance Engines, Jesel, Performance Fuel Injection & Speedwire.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Rob Guazzaroni and DMW Race Cars & Patrick Barnhill